Airline self-service ticket machine or what the difference between traditional ticket?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Nowadays with the development of science and technology, at the beginning of the self-service ticket machine is widely used in various industries, plays a very important function, greatly improved the work efficiency, in the field of aviation, the use of self-service ticket machine and what is the difference between traditional ticketing? Under the information technology introduced to everyone today. 1, the ticket prices. Traditional ticketing mode, the customer by telephone booking, wasn't sure whether the price of the optimal commonly, completely is listen to the words of telephone ticketing staff; After using self-service ticket machine, can the ticket be clear at a glance. 2, flight query. Flight information due to the fast changing, the traditional ticket in the ticket after the search, generally not immediately buy, price changes often appear, make customers are not satisfied with the service; After using self-service ticket machine, can real-time query, instant tickets. 3, flight information, the traditional ticket for flight information can't be fully grasp, need to ask one by one; The self-service ticket machine after use, there will be a more comprehensive information, can be free to choose. 4, service time. Traditional ticketing due to the limitation of working hours, can't do it 24 hours a day for everyone to provide ticketing services; , self-service equipment can provide 24 hours service throughout the year, and there is no holiday and rest day. 5, unilaterally. Traditional ticket form is not forthcoming itinerary, needs to wait for a period of time; After the self-service ticket machine application, can immediately get the ticket itinerary. Through the comparison of above traditional ticketing and self-service ticket machine, we see that the self-service ticket machine than traditional ticketing has many advantages, in addition to the above, but also in terms of cost saving, convenient payment. In addition, have a friend want to know about self-service terminals, information technology may be consulted.
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