Alarm can self-help, citizens alarm and many new channels

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Created in July 26 - channel near the east market in hunan is lost cell phone wang dong autonomous county public security bureau in the channel of self-help alarm query terminal alarm, alert push to double river police station immediately. In the afternoon, double the policemen will wang jiang phone back. This is channel public security in the city ^ ^ set after the self-service terminals alarm query accepted by people for help, is also a channel to carry out the 'pipes' a miniature of the reform policies. To implement the central, provincial and municipal 'pipes' reform, tongdao county public security bureau in the population and the entry and exit registration hall before opening the window alone, set up self-service terminals alarm query and self service and visa machine window opened to the public 24 hours a day. Self-service terminals alarm query set case query, self service alarm, administrative remedies, reconsideration, complaints/Suggestions/compensation, laws/regulations six big modules, the masses hold id in front of the terminal can self service alarm after the identity authentication, fill in the report under the orders of the terminal information, background automatically accept, push to subordinate departments to verify is dealt with, people can get on the spot to alarm receipt, after the masses may at any time through the self-service terminal case is dealt with, simple operation, greatly saves time and police, and the more convenient and efficient service. visa all-in-one since April 2017 channels police moved into the new building was introduced, the open window to move endorsed self-help all-in-one 24 hours, implements from '^ much run a' to 'deal with' 24 hours a day. Since the 19th congress, the agency to carry out city bureau of economic construction and the convenience and benefit 'double 30', full build 'wide into, do quickly, bat, convenient, open' approval service mode, make full use of science and technology information technology, to promote household, traffic, public security, BianMinHua reform in the field of the entry and exit, etc. In the first half of this year, were new born population 1255 people, in about 1221 people, the door rush, 339, 1972 residents of a passport, entry and exit visa 1235 person/time, for the masses to disabuse 27894 person-time, perfecting measures, strengthen management, improve service, the jurisdiction of public security foundation more solid, the public security management services more warmth, the masses of security and satisfaction, are rising steadily. ( Chinese netizens Liu Congli correspondent Amy WuSi)
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