An epoch-making new model of hotel self check-in machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
Now we can get a lot of express hotels by searching the Internet at random. It can be said that there are endless, and there are even more chain-service hotels across the country. Regardless of the hotel, travelers need to check in at the hotel, and then the hotel self-service check-in machine also enters people's field of vision, providing travelers with a faster and more convenient check-in process. Picture: The hotel self-check-in machine is very suitable for the hotel. Compared with the previous manual check-in, its convenience and practicality cannot be reached by manual check-in. The device can use the hotel’s VIP card or the second-generation ID card to check in, which saves time in queuing, and free room selection has become a major feature of its function. After registration, the hotel's VIP card can also be used as a door card, which avoids getting the room card again, saving passengers a lot of time and allowing them more time to rest. The hotel self check-in machine can be said to have created a new model of check-in in a new era, which is in line with the current fast-paced life, saving worry and time.
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