Automated parking payment machine touch screen not accurate solution

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Believes that many people in self-service parking payment machine at the time of touch, the touch screen have touch screen can't use due to malfunction, or a finger touch display screen part is not completed properly the corresponding operation. Solution: 1, first of all check all wiring interface become loose, then check that the serial port and interrupt number if there is a conflict, if there is conflict, should adjust resources, avoid conflict. To check if touch screen surface cracks, such as cracks, it should be replaced in a timely manner. Also need to check whether there is a touch screen surface dirt, if any, with a soft cloth to clean. Observation to check if the indicator lights on the control box operates normally, normal, the light is green, and shine. 2, check the usage of transducer: check the automated parking capture to expend the transducer around the machine touch screen glass, whether due to in transit by turbulence self-service terminal equipment casing by pressure or a case of damage. If the casing is down, you just need to put the chassis to readjust. If the transducer case of damage, it needs to be replaced the glass. 3, check the cleaning condition of touch screen vitreous: self service parking payment machine reflect abnormal, probably because touch screen vitreous due to some reason by other fur material contact. Because the fur material above is equivalent to finger has been according to the above, so for the actual hands touch the focus has been unable to confirm. So want to solve, you need to clean touch screen vitreous.
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