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Bank self-help terminal function and characteristics are introduced

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
When we went to the bank to handle the business, will often use the self-service terminal, the whole deal with business much faster, when Banks haven't introduce self-service terminals, one or two hours on a row, think of terror. A lot of friends for the functions and characteristics of bank self service terminal is not very clear, want to introduce to you today. Bank self-help terminal function 1, account in the financial industry users can query, self-help transfer accounts, paper printing, fill in, self-help report lost business process; 2, communication industry through the terminal user input telephone number, self-help dealing with mobile phone downtime can be ( After) Machine, telephone query printing, payment, invoice printing, the opening of the call display, GPRS and other basic business and stop; You also can buy a phone card, password for stamps. Through value-added development, and other value-added services, such as commodity procurement, can also be achieved by auxiliary equipment. This equipment has the save personnel costs, reduce running cost, 24 hours of continuous work, error-free operation, etc. Can be placed in the telecommunications business hall, toll station, station, wharf, airport, shopping malls and other public places. Bank self service terminal characteristics: 1, security AST series has strong data security strategy: encryption keyboard support DES, 3 DES algorithm and ANSI, PIN, block format, can store up to 16 group of 64 key can only be read not write, the keyboard can destroy after unlock key. Can fully ensure the safety of the user's personal information. Products completely accord with standard of EMV, 2000, in line with international standards. 2. AST series product reliability and practicability of the fully supports customization, not only can display a comfortable trading interface, also can expand its function of multimedia advertising, and in the trade between playing multimedia advertising can win more business opportunities for customers, more profound brand influence for the enterprise. In bringing convenience to users at the same time, also to ensure the safety of the user's information for users is very comfortable, don't have to queue for a long time. Banks can also save more manpower, better service to the user.
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