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Bank self-service terminals make social security query capture to expend more relaxed

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
Neat can be seen in the lobby of each bank self service terminal, people can more easily implemented: cash, cash deposits, cash deposit and withdrawal, balance query, or different line transfer, change passwords, bank passbook printing, print statements, check deposits, envelope, capture expends, top-up and a series of convenient services. Recently some cities may through the bank self service terminal independent query information on various aspects of social security, also can pay cost independently. Social security check out projects include: personal protect capture information, enterprise retiree health hospital, enterprise retiree health check-up appointment, pay inductrial injury treatment, inductrial injury hospitalization food allowance, treatment of inductrial injury treatment on a regular basis and support, etc. Through self-service terminals, citizens can also protect capture, users only need to use id or social security card with a brush, to enter the individual business operating system, can deal with relevant business operation according to related instructions. Self-service system of social security is not only a 'new' social security orgnaization of business of the window, compared with the traditional artificial window has the characteristics of time and space are not legally binding. Next, self-service terminals will be widely into communities of social security, not only can shunt artificial window business pressure, improve efficiency, and can solve the previous fixed business outlets space limitations, make social services in the real side.
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