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Bring people life convenient self-service terminals, do you know the related knowledge

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
The emergence of self-service terminal has brought a lot of convenience, drunk obvious one is not too long queue, such equipment greatly reduces the time waiting in line, to do things won't be so complicated, but do you know about self-service terminals? It is very reliable and stable AST series fully supports customization. It can not only display a comfortable trading interface, can also expand its multimedia advertising function. In the trading room playing multimedia advertising can win more business opportunities for the customer, bring the profound brand influence kiosks. High temperature and strong exhaust function design can ensure the machine more stable operation. Dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof design greatly enhance the environmental adaptability of the machine. Support power to spit card, to protect the customer's bank card user information. Self-service terminals are safe AST series has strong data security strategy: encryption keyboard support DES, 3 DES algorithm and ANSI pin block format, can store 16 group can only read can't write a 64 - bit key. On the keyboard, the keys can be destroyed by oneself, can ensure the safety of users' personal information. Products in full compliance with EMV2000 standards, in line with international standards. Easy maintenance adopts modular structure design, product reliability and high stability, maintenance more convenient, can greatly reduce maintenance costs. According to the mechanical design of the man-machine engineering, can provide customers with comfortable self-service environment, more can reflect the concept of humanized design of products. All surface coating quality outdoor plastic powder, adhesion, waterproof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, wear resistance. The color is optional, to meet different needs. The first is the business hall of multimedia information release and self-service terminal equipment; Touch the query multimedia information equipment, phone bills self-service query printer list, self service directory selector, new service self-help experience equipment. Business hall integrated self-service accepts the all-in-one service; Information query buffet, business pay self service, self-help invoice printing, the function such as self service dealing with in an all-in-one queuing system hardware; From line number, pager, communication controller, window display screen and comprehensive; The window service evaluation; Light emitting diode display 1. Function 2 support cash. 3 support unionpay card payment function. 4 support business query function. Support for a detailed list to print. 6 support invoice printing function. 7 support business processing function. Support centralized maintenance and management functions of 8. Support automatic shutdown and remote startup and shutdown functions. Support for data sharing and backup function 10, supporting software automatically updates function 11. 12 human interface design, the structure of the human body engineering design extension knowledge: self-help pay refers to the industrial and commercial bank of China through online banking, telephone banking, mobile banking, self-service facilities, such as automatic teller machines, pay phone, phone for you or others, water, electricity and other services. Icbc provide 7 * 24 hours service for you. Under normal circumstances, the fund will arrive on time. You can choose domestic or local payment service, also can through the online pay to our agent, query the various service payment transaction details in the country. Service channels online banking, mobile banking, telephone banking, automatic teller machines and other self-service equipment.
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