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Buffet restaurant order artifact, promote efficiency of the customer order

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
The rapid development of science and technology, the increasingly fierce competition and the improvement of customer requirements, traditional food and beverage management way already can not meet the demand of catering enterprises with the user standard, more convenient, personalized, intelligent wisdom of catering the operation mode of the new ecological Internet + catering also arises at the historic moment. The buffet restaurant order machine is catering an inevitable product of wisdom. Running a self-help order machine is put in the restaurant, customers without queuing order, the store without the waiter order, our catalogue and order, improve a little bit of meal efficiency as well as restaurant operations saves manpower. So how to operate on it in the restaurant? Now, the authors introduce you to the next restaurant use self service order machine operation process steps: 1, the guests enter the restaurant, to the self-service order machine touch screen to order, choose what you want to order dishes, has been completed, the page out of 'choice of payment page. 2, WeChat pay and pay treasure to sweep code pay two ways to choose it takes just a few seconds to the whole process can be completed payment. 3, after the success of the checkout will print a numbered ticket, the guest keep receipts, kitchen receive orders at the same time, catering work, a printed slip. 4, after the dish is made, according to the guest's docket number to the guest room or guest by to take meal come undone, Can choose to line up your turn module) 。 'wisdom restaurants' mode to make the customer use self service way instead of part of the waiter, catering enterprises can greatly reduce labor costs. Personnel downsizing also greatly saves the time cost of personnel training and management, every year of 'labor shortage' will also be effective in relieving. At the same time, because of the shortened the waiting time before and after a meal, also conforms to the modern fast-paced way of life, young consumers prefer.
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