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Buffet restaurant order to reduce operating costs

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
After sharing economic boom, Tmall, jingdong unmanned supermarkets appear one after another, in the catering industry have appeared in the restaurants' no one restaurant 'wisdom. Among them, there is no one in the restaurant's self service order machine equipment, help stores to reduce the output of the manpower cost, reduces the operating costs of the restaurant. Compared with the traditional restaurant management mode, self service order machine implementation 'Internet and entity catering business model, mutual combination of offline offline. Customers can sweep in order on the self-service code order, order content is sent via LAN to the kitchen printer, not the waiter order, catalogue, leaflet, helps the restaurant to reduce operating costs, then on how to operate it in a restaurant? Now, the author to introduce self-help order under the machine operation process steps: 1, guests enter the restaurant, to the self-service order machine touch screen to order, choose what you want to order dishes, has been completed, the page out of 'choice of payment page. 2, WeChat pay and pay treasure to sweep code pay two ways to choose it takes just a few seconds to the whole process can be completed payment. 3, after the success of the checkout will print a numbered ticket, the guest keep receipts, kitchen receive orders at the same time, catering work, a printed slip. 4, after the dish is made, according to the guest's docket number to the guest room or guest by to take meal come undone, Options line up your turn module) 。 Tableware and on the function, self-help point has the membership marketing mode function, user code after the payment, it has become a member of the restaurant. Customers in the consumer attention after the businessman WeChat public and became the member of the restaurant, a member of the center on WeChat ID, can realize the member registration, top-up and integral; Merchants can be set up in the background operations in advance good coupons, a series of marketing measures, such as holiday promotion never leave home to do online marketing members. At the same time WeChat ID is also in the process of the order and delivery platform entrance.
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