Carry out self-help theater ( Take) Ticket tractor industry, pulse I film reached a strategic cooperation with day

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
E-commerce boom, online shopping a lot of people become the preferred way of shopping. What all can buy on the net. The ticket is no exception, and has always been a popular shopping category. But after online ticket in the theater for tickets or a very troublesome thing, and the movie rush hour also tend to be stood in line for a long time. So the self-service ticket machine is arises at the historic moment. At present, almost all theater near the entrance to furnish the self-service ticket machine, consumers can self collect the tickets, don't have to go to the cinema counter, hold to ticket can directly go to the cinema. The self-service ticket machine is real effect how? With this problem, the reporter recently visited shenzhen information. Shenzhen information is well-known kiosks solutions provider in China, their intelligent self-service terminal system is widely applied in the cinema, the scenic area, the station, and other fields, the system easy to use, humanized operation, and good compatibility, feature-rich complete, the industry won a good reputation and high market evaluation. According to introducing, shenzhen information recently with xinjiang local famous electronic movie tickets online booking platform - — Day vein I film depth reached a strategic cooperation, day vein I film all introduce self-help theaters sell ( Take) The ticket machine. The reporter understands from day vein I film, since the introduction of self-help theaters sell ( Take) After the ticket machine, fans maximum satisfaction improvement. Carry out self-help (ticket only need according to cinema Take) Ticket on the prompt, choose want to watch movie, chooses seat, after use the unionpay card or other payment confirmation payment can, very easy to buy the movie tickets, the whole process only need 1, 2 minutes, don't have to spend a lot of time waiting in line, convenient and quick, by fans love. According to introducing, carry out self-help theater ( Take) Ticket machine with unionpay, pay treasure, WeChat pay the ticket and use the qr code, verification code, phone number, the membership card to collect the tickets, tickets and collect the tickets channel way, and it also has the function of print certificate. It is understood that as xinjiang region well-known electronic movie tickets online booking platform, day pulse not only has brought together local movie theater resources, I will be more theaters around the entertainment, food and beverage consumption, such as resources integration, to provide one-stop service from viewing to consumption. Carry out the full introduction of cinema self service ( Take) Ticket machine, it is took a fancy to shenzhen good information technology strength, and the personage inside course of study to cinema self-service sale ( Take) The ticket machine consistent high praise. Days of arteries and veins, movie, hope I to xinjiang local theaters and fans to provide more detailed and differentiated services, it is also a day of arteries and veins I film significant characteristic and advantage. The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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