Catering businesses how to use the 'wisdom of catering' smart take food tank model

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
With the development of the Internet, also ushered in the catering industry of technological change, now many catering business onto the road of 'wisdom restaurant'. Catering businesses according to the application of Internet technology and actual situation to the appropriate application of new technology, new equipment. The purpose is to save labor quantity, reduce operating costs and better service for consumers. On the society at present a lot of catering enterprises with 'wisdom' concept, with the advanced Internet technology and intelligent equipment to replace the service link. KFC chain catering enterprises, for example, they use self-help order machine equipment, customers will independently order, submit on ordering screens, invoicing, the whole point of registering process are predominantly consumers 'self service'. Some catering businesses in terms of 'wisdom catering' substantive steps such as five fang zhai using smart take cupboard. Use of advanced technology such as Internet, mobile payment, relying on the central kitchen distribution ability and intensive layout of each store online to build intelligence platform customers can order online, offline in areas of stream of people, create convenient health food distribution station automatically, can finally achieved the purpose of efficient service customers. Dinner in the peak period of time, income is often more than 70% of the fast food restaurant turnover throughout the day. And five fang zhai using smart take food ark it can effectively improve the restaurant turn rate, service more customers, release potential abilities. It can transfer lines to the road, the interactive tasks to intelligent cupboard. What is the specific operation? Its intelligence behind have a system to support. Customers can order and pay by mobile phones, early restaurant take-away member after receipt of order, for catering to lunch box on the sideboard, diners to qr code can be brushed come undone. Besides can save a lot of customers queuing time, intelligent sideboards biggest advantage is that - — Businesses can improve each time can create the number of transactions, increase the number of orders and double channel, so as to bring its revenue growth. Therefore, the use of the Internet technology and equipment, let consumers independent order, take meal, pay, consumers get consumer recognition, catering enterprises will have the energy to change.
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