Catering - new technology Visual settlement platform

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
Now the catering industry technology is developing very rapidly, it's not appeared - now there's a new technology Visual and settlement. Visual and settlement of the main application is in what is now the mainstream restaurants in the cities, to help the store at the time of peak flow, the speed of the rapid completion of the order checkout, enhance the turnover of the whole store. Visual settlement platform application scenario is very good, the existing food industry help very much. In our daily life, noon and night are eating peak, tend to spend our precious time from work because of the long lines. So the visual appearance of settlement stage is a must, in our normal food industry, for example, you may also need to artificial accounting price, and then sweep in code to pay, the rate at which it will be slow. If you have a visual one but went to the settlement of machine shop, just like a good meal, put the dishes in the visual and settlement stage, to complete a few seconds can be computed. And then you can sweep code, or use your smart dressing equipment for payment, the whole process is very fast. Settlement platform using AI intelligent visual identification system, calculation of the capacity can still need only a clerk input information items first, then the visual settlement platform will be put in customer settlement platform is used to identify the scraping of the dishes, completion settlement, pay for it. So convenient products, not only can accelerate the speed of the order, but also can reduce the staff a special calculation, it is kill two birds with one stone of good product. And according to different scenarios also launched a fresh visual weighing platform, visual and settlement according to product and so on.
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