Catering settlement into intelligent era

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
At any time the development of science and technology, food and beverage industry of human settlement era has begun a new change. New era of intelligent settlement officially with the advent of AI visual settlement stage, more and more businesses begin to use visual settlement instead of human settlement. Author witnessing the food settle into intelligent era, go with a new technology. Food industry has been using human settlement, it is an ancient tradition. Although more and more food industry pattern, but has been accompanied by the development of human settlement. Until today, science and technology introduces visual AI settlement, using AI technology to complete the work function of human settlement. Visual settlement units appear more faster than the speed of human settlement, clearing the probability of error is reduced greatly. And for new small bowl of food catering industry especially high practical degree, recognition accuracy can be as high as 99% above for food. Even with old employees in a small bowl of food working experience is difficult to avoid the error to the settlement of problems, the settlement and Taiwan after the use of visual resolved, the error rate is greatly reduced. In addition, visual and settlement of the operating costs than artificial, really is very low. And settlement platform as a visual intelligent products, can through the background all settlement on the vision of billing details clearly in the background of digital services, businesses can clearly understand anytime and anywhere to restaurant spending detail and food consumption. Visual settlement platform not only from AI promoted visual settlement settlement over speed, and also businesses provide a more detailed digital services, help businesses more convenient to manage the restaurant. This more convenient intelligent settlement services will be the future of the dealer, use the crowd will be more and more.
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