Cinema kiosks buying tips

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
We should know when buying theater kiosks which aspects, in order to buy his satisfaction kiosks in the cinema? The self-service terminals manufacturers will explain for everybody. 1. More cinemas kiosks configuration we should pay attention to when buying theater kiosks kiosks configuration, selection of materials in making kiosks is different, so we buy to have a look at its configuration, for some a key part of information, we can online to know before buying. 2. According to their need to purchase the kiosks we use in each of the theaters will be different, we can customize according to your own needs, many manufacturers are currently supported personalization, so as to better meet the needs of our users. 3. Understand the strength of the factory after the target factory, we can further understand the strength of the manufacturers, such as hardware ( Factory, office environment, manufacturing equipment, business qualification) , software facilities ( Brand awareness, customer satisfaction, success, honor certificate) , etc. Above is the cinema kiosks buying tips, hope to be of help. Compared with domestic similar products, our products are lower prices, better quality, better after-sales service. If you have any needs, please contact us.
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