Cinema self-service ticket machine is how to use?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
With the rapid development of science and technology, people's life also to intelligent direction. The consumers want to see a movie can only go to cinema in line to buy tickets, just at home now move the mouse or purchase, collect the tickets to go to the cinema. But after online ticket in the theater for tickets or a very troublesome, and the movie rush hour is often stood in line for a long time, I will ask. Then, some sites near the movie theater entrance to furnish the self-service ticket machine, consumers can self collect the tickets, don't have to go to the cinema counter, hold to ticket can directly go to the cinema. Then the cinema self-service ticket machine is how to use? 1, first of all, we need to buy a movie ticket online, the ticket channels include Meituan glutinous rice, baidu, netease movie tickets, travel, etc, you can choose the ticket channels, and then select their favorite movies. Click on the purchase. 2, such as viewing the day, to the cinema after find corresponding website cinema self-help sell the ticket machine to collect the tickets, some self-help in addition to being able to collect the tickets machine from home ticket, ticket can also take other third party. 3, find the cinema self-service ticket machine, click on the ticket machine on the screen' Collect the tickets. Button, and the lower left corner of qr code scanning will light up, pick up the phone, rolled the ticket scan the qr code on this mouth, after the 'drop' 1, 'collect the tickets' will spit out the tickets. And one way is to click on the screens 'after the' collect the tickets will have a captcha input box, we can find a movie tickets online purchase, enter the movie ticket coupon details page, will appear verification code at this moment, and then enter the code in the box, can successfully take out the ticket. For cinema self-service ticket machine is how to use a share for you here, today network after the ticket with cinema self-service ticket machine now collect the tickets is slowly become part of people viewing, in people's life plays a more and more important role. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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