Cinema self-service ticket sales and taking daily maintenance

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
For cinema, lined up to collect the tickets and trouble standing in line to buy tickets? Don't worry, theaters cinemas are installed self-help sell the ticket machine, let you don't need to in the ticket office for a long wait, enjoy the pleasure of tickets on their own. But cinema theaters installed self-help after sell the ticket machine, in order to make cinema self-service ticket machine is better work, also need to know the following some theaters self-service ticket sales and taking knowledge of daily maintenance. 1. Away from electromagnetic interference in the strong magnetic field environment is likely to cause the hard disk data loss, even the strong magnetic field will make the display may produce tinea jitter, etc. The electromagnetic interference is mainly audio equipment, motor, electrical appliances, power supply, static electricity, big function as well as a large power transformer such as UPS, and even fluorescent lamp, etc. So in the use of cinema self-help to sell the tickets machine should make machines as far as possible away from these interference sources. 2. Ideal working temperature of 5 ~ 35 ℃, self-help and cinema ticket sales and taking the position should be as far as possible away from heat source. 3. Suitable humidity 30% ~ 80% relative humidity, too high will affect the parts performance and even cause some parts of short circuit, is too low, easy to produce static electricity. 4. Pay attention to the stability of the power supply is not stable, if the mains voltage best consider giving machines equipped with a regulated power supply. If mains often power outages, the safety of data can give theaters self-service sale ticket machine is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply UPS, now the UPS is like with the function of voltage regulation. 5. Avoid glare cinema self-service ticket sales and taking the monitor the fuselage by sunlight or light irradiation time long easy aging become yellow and CRT phosphor aging will also reduce the luminescence efficiency in strong sunlight. 6. Attention to the environment clean dust intrusion machines inside after a long-term accumulation to cause short circuit of the circuit. Self-help for cinema ticket sales and taking the daily maintenance of share for you here, today have a cinema self-service ticket machine, you no longer have to worry about go to cinema line and, no longer have to worry for not rob hit movie tickets. Use cinema self-help carry out the safety and efficiency of the ticket machine, fully realize the whole process of the on-site ticketing, and be able to choose on the Internet, synchronous tickets and other tickets cannot be achieved functions, ticketing services for fans to provide quality. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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