Cinema self-service ticket sales and taking what function?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
In our daily life, the film as a visual culture in one of the most powerful and influential cultural media, has become an indispensable part of people's life. And as more and more people are watching a movie, sometimes influential movie tickets is money is hard to find. Self-help and cinema ticket sales and taking because its can effectively reduce the theater labor costs, to upgrade the audience service experience and has been widely used in the cinema. The cinema self-service ticket sales and taking the specific what are the functions? The following information for the author to introduce you. 1. Self-service ticketing: synchronous theater row piece of information, and support the site chosen; 2. Self collect the tickets: unified offline ticket machine, management more convenient; 3. Payment method: support the multiplex entity/virtual card, bank CARDS, pay treasure to pay, WeChat payment, etc. ; 4. Read convenient: support high-speed mobile qr code to read function, perfect support mobile electronic ticket, the electronic coupons solution; 5. Member services: query, prepaid phone, convenient and quick, be clear at a glance. 6. The support advertising: homepage split screen Settings, video and picture form advertising, advertising management platform support unification remote management, also can provide light boxes advertising and advertisements on a screen saver; 7. Efficiency compared to the issue of a bill drawn efficiency: artificial collect the tickets to improve a lot, such as self-help independent research and development of production of cinema ticket sales and taking first double with built-in printer is the industry of self-service terminals, can speed the drawer; 8. Remote service: the support equipment running state remote monitoring, remote service and update equipment system environment. For cinema self-service ticket sales and taking share here today, what are the function cinema self-help sell the ticket machine can provide member tickets, collect the tickets online ticketing, member top-up, collect the tickets, query shadow consulting, and other functions; As long as there is cinema membership card, it can be used in self-service machine member tickets, it usually process, in turn, is to choose the seats, video, game, choose payment way to brush card, pay for success, the drawer, waiting to attend. If it is collect the tickets online ticketing, directly on the self-service machine choose to collect the tickets, enter the phone verification code. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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