Cut the ticket personnel into trend self-service sales to collect the tickets machine into the cinema

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
Now, take the high-speed rail train travel convenience, the popularity of the public can buy train tickets on the Internet, self-service collect the tickets at the station, the self-service check-in recount, but in many opened metro city, citizens can also self-help top-up tickets, self-service check-in in and out of the station, the whole process to achieve 'unattended', greatly reduce the operating costs. Imagine if this scenario happened in the whole process of the cinema, what sight is? If the cinema can configure a system, no matter in which movie ticket purchase movie tickets online site, you can be in a unified self-service collect the tickets on the terminal to take out the tickets to the theatre. At the same time, it sold the ticket machine can also use of bank CARDS, WeChat, pay treasure to choose, ticketing, trouble you waiting in line at a movie theater, isn't it a very cool, very convenient thing? Scenario that actually is in sight, self-help information cinema ticket sales and taking system can realize these functions for you, theater scene don't need dozens of controls, only a few people, everything gets the theaters sell the ticket machine system to complete the buffet. Have self-help information cinema ticket sales and taking system, we don't have to in order to buy or take the ticket and go to the cinema line ahead of time, as long as cinema self service sell the ticket machine system, can achieve. information cinema ticket sales and taking system perfect and implement the humanized design concept, not in proportion to the size to fully consider the proportion of the body shape, scope and conducive to lay outside factors such as theaters cinemas self-service terminals of the overall appearance, the respect such as colour collocation also is to conform to the aesthetic standard, the principle of audience psychological characteristics such as conditions for design. Cinema of self-service terminal was, therefore, not only can add a beautiful beautiful scenery line for cinema, set a good brand image, and conducive to theaters to improve core competitiveness of the cinema. Cinema self service sell the ticket machine system in addition to providing basic function such as sales, collect the tickets, still can dock with the theater background management system, powerful ticket management, ticket management, and other functions. Even in the peak period of ticket and collect the tickets, cinema self-help to sell the tickets system is stable and reliable no downtime. Cinema self-service ticket sales and taking system easy to use, humanized operation, and good compatibility, feature-rich complete, the industry consensus. With the release, the film's spectacular movie box office market and the rapid growth of attendance also greatly improved, using cinema self-help collect the tickets, ticket sales and taking system increases with the increasing to get convenient, improve the experience at the same time also can reduce the labor costs, so as to promote the further development of the industry and market. The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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