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Dishes recognition and settlement, intelligent identification

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
With the improvement of people's living standard, income is increasing day by day, when the company or work not meals, etc. , and diet concept gradually change, eating out more regularly, and the diversification of food and beverage, selectivity. But if use the traditional way of artificial billing, time-consuming, high cost, and not easy to manage, settle slowly, and sometimes they make mistakes, to peak dining, and easy to cause the congestion of the crowd. Dishes recognition and settlement, intelligent identify food for meals service areas to realize intelligent settlement mainly according to the size, shape and color of tableware and food features such as fast intelligent identification 'settlement area of tableware, product image and intelligence in accurate settlement, let diners to complete the payment quickly, reduce queuing time. Dishes recognition and settlement, intelligent identification. Faster recognition, not easily influenced by environment, precision is high. Eating better user experience, can effectively reduce the canteen staff costs, improve the operational efficiency of the canteen. Dishes recognition and settlement, visual and settlement also applies to raw class specialized fresh supermarkets, community shops, fruit shop, bulk food stores, as well as the community express pick-up point, canteen, customize type fast food restaurants and so on various application scenarios.
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