Essential - catering industry Self-service order machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
Network development a lot of influence on technology innovation, especially the technology of mobile payment have to a lot of food and beverage, retail industry technology had a great effect. Now in the food industry is very widely used such as self-service order machine is so so, some customers already USES a lot of WeChat pay or pay treasure to sweep yards, so order self-service machine has become essential to the catering industry. Now everyone is accustomed to the mobile payment, so business is also been importing this kind of machine. The emergence of self-help order machine can perfect solve this problem. Self-help order machine can be directly connected to your restaurant data directly, and customers in the above sweep through code or brush face payment methods such as pay will have data record. In addition, self-help order machine also can diy order, does not need manual operation. This for a lot of restaurants, artificial operation can save cost. Relative to the current food industry of high labor costs, this is a new development direction. Self-help order machine can help restaurant in rush hour, reach the role of shunt, reduce the pressure of the restaurant service personnel. Self-help order machine cost is low, the businessman can decorate a few more. Can improve the service ability of the restaurant, so bring better dining experience for more customers, but also can accelerate the turnover rate of the restaurant. Food industry need to self-help order machine, can alleviate the pressure of the service, reduce operating costs. Order and self-service machine can combine technology development now, continue to bring more features for food and beverage industry, much more than self-help order, data recording and so on.
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