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For buffet order machine customer experience

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
With the popularization of mobile payment, usher in a new round of catering industry upgrading. Buffet restaurant order new order machine innovation mode, become the latest must-haves in the food industry, and gradually become a popular trend. It can optimize the order process, improve the customer's dining experience. 1, the operation is simple and convenient: customer order in the machine on the touch screen operation, choose good food, after complete the payment, self service order machine automatically print out the receipts, the customer with the credential brought meals at the counter. The whole process is fast, simple; 2, custom tastes and dishes: businesses can customize the Settings, side dishes, beverages, and set different prices for dishes and soup; 3, can be set up dining mode: buffet restaurant on the main interface optional packaging/dining mode; 4, broadcast advertising model: when no one touch, can also set advertising model, promote the brand, promotional items, characteristic combo and discount, etc. 5, data analysis: self-help order system can way for sales ranking, turnover, orders, customer preference, member statistics and analysis of statistics. Restaurant owners and chain headquarters can through data analysis to understand the actual needs of customers. The restaurant and brand should make corresponding adjustment. The improvement of living standard make people pursuit of diet have a qualitative leap. In the catering industry, therefore, should not only pay attention to diet, but also pay attention to the dining environment, the buffet restaurant industry machine created a variable for the hotel dining environment. Can not only shorten the customer waiting time, and provide customers with advanced experiences. For merchants, self service order machine can not only reduce the manpower cost, and improve sales performance and service quality and management efficiency.
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