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Fruit shop USES visual the platform of payment is ok for you?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Along with the economic takeoff, people demand for fruit is bigger and bigger these days. There are fruit store in providing services for you. But as we commute the periodic activity, sometimes causes a fruit store will be queued up. It is the result of the lead to loss of customers, because the customer's shopping experience is bad. So many chain or a large fruit shop advisory businesses will author, fruit store USES visual the platform of payment is ok for you? First of all, the author clearly told the businessman, with visual settlement platform suitable for the fruit store. In the face of the fruit store application scenarios, science and technology developed a fresh visual settlement stage, specially used in the fruit store this rare type of place. Fresh visual settlement can complete identification of a variety of fruits, and then through compared with background input information, coupled with the weight of the weighing finish calculate price. The whole process of settlement of quick than artificial, can improve the settlement of the whole store. To help customers reduce the time of the queuing, improving the customer's shopping experience. You think about traffic rush hour, if not using fresh visual settlement of cases, customers have a need to want to buy fruit, it was already crowded, but your fruit store wants to add a human settlement, but the cost is too high. If you don't solve this problem, the reception service staff is fixed, so the fruit store or will face may be of less. But if I use the fresh visual settlement units, so first we settlement rate is greatly accelerated, followed by artificial operation cost is reduced. And queue time, everybody's shopping experience is up, we can service the number of people can be more, fruit store turnover is also increased. So in the fruit shop is completely suitable for using visual and settlement, especially using professional fresh visual settlement stage, weighing currency integration. Fresh visual settlement settlement not only speed, error rate is low, basic not to make mistakes.
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