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High order mode, help you avoid queuing order confusion!

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
Isn't often go out to eat a meal to row a long team? Especially in the afternoon and evening dining on the peak, a lot of office worker work in a restaurant order to ten minutes, take a meal or to line up. In order to reduce the queue time, faster to eat fast food, our r&d self service order equipment, to help customers avoid long order, ascending order effect, increase the rate of turn table help restaurants. At present, many restaurants are using self-service order machine service for restaurants, such as five fang zhai, yonghe king, chongqing small face, and so on restaurant chain. Specific how to use, the author give you detail operation process. Customers enter the restaurant, as long as the order in self-service equipment you want to choose a good package, add to cart. Then select the payment ( WeChat pay or pay treasure to pay) ; The payment on the order window machine scanning pattern, and scan window will be automatically deducted; After the success of the pay, there will be a single number, and then by taking single number can receive package. The whole process convenient and quick, make you more fast food to the heart. Order order through self-service terminals, data transmission to the kitchen, fast order, payment, catering, room process. Customer order efficiency, at the same time, due to the customers order food will be automatically assigned to the kitchen, a clerk at the front desk, running back and forth between kitchen and customers, the process improve the efficiency of the restaurant management, reduce manpower cost restaurant. Science and technology in 'smart restaurant', 'no one restaurant', 'wisdom dining room' and so on application has mature case. If you have any requirements, please contact contact us!
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