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Hit the big fish haitang, cinemas self-service machine that it is not difficult to collect the tickets don't bother you to buy tickets

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
Cruising for 12 years! For everyone a wait. On July 8, in many fans look forward to, 'the big fish haitang' finally turned into a red dolphins swam to everybody. Long awaited the domestic animation 'the big fish haitang' after the release, although each evaluation mixed reviews, but have to admit that the animation set off an upsurge of 'big fish'. 'The big fish haitang' after 12 years, ubiquitous pick up Chinese style element, all the mystery in the east. Now let's go back to the initial encounter, in 2004 saw a flash 7 minutes short film 'big Chinese flowering crabapple, once published, it caused a sensation, a predecessor to the big Chinese flowering crabapple. 'The big fish haitang' was France pompidou center for contemporary art collection, and praise way: 'one of the most outstanding works of art'. 'The big fish haitang' soothing and romantic plot, 'axis plucked two, three beings before a tune. 'As low as a girl's feminine eyebrow. Haitang blue and the red like bath fire phoenix, builds a horizon of the hand that mends, let each swims in the big fish floating in the blood of Chinese people. 'Big Chinese flowering crabapple is referred to as the model of diffuse, because the play is about the Chinese elements. All of the mysterious east. From the leading role 'of razor, Kun, qiushui' naming, all can be found in ancient books, from a GuWenZhong can understand the character's personality characteristics. Since images present GanShui, lanterns, collectors, bridge, sunken ships, fujian tulou and yunnan-guizhou terraces are in the picture and name it, it's another lasting appeal. The human and the splendor of the qing xuan under the sea, is a peculiar feeling both ends parallel world. Painting style is pure and fresh and meaningful, ancient sweet patina, flowing between thick ink flavour. From the plot, allusions, and using up a cinch, neither abrupt or acosmia. Hiding in the film, the feelings of the deep dive in and can explore rational reason: Taoist natural rule, Confucian righteousness and Buddhism samsara. Color of ink infiltrated the whole screen, chaos of fusion of a worthy of the works. This magnificent feeling of daub, allusions used, is that most countries cannot match. In Japanese anime has when the line of its road, painting style and story are self-contained structure, many Chinese fans through nature also looking forward to the diffuse can get out. Whether or not the once upon a time the animation is used to cater to our aesthetic idea, is a fan of China good minds, we will explore into the theater. Just like the movie theme: 'all living humans, are a big fish in the sea; They set out from this side of the sea was born. When he died, they reach the shore and go to our different world. 'Encounter with youth, and the dream meet, on time for appointments, quiet to listen to the voice of the film, a deep sleep, to wake up from my dream, the Buddha is also full of soul. To see these reviews, whether have impulse to descend to the cinema? But don't want to face long ticket collect the tickets in the cinema? Don't worry, self-service machine with cinema, let you the ticket is not difficult, collect the tickets don't bother! The cinema self-service machine perfect supports the following functions: 1. Self-service ticketing: synchronous theater row piece of information, and support the site chosen; 2. Self collect the tickets: unified offline ticket machine, management more convenient; 3. Payment method: support the multiplex entity/virtual card, bank CARDS, pay treasure to pay, WeChat payment, etc. ; 4. Read convenient: support high-speed mobile qr code to read function, perfect support mobile electronic ticket, the electronic coupons solution; 5. Member services: query, prepaid phone, convenient and quick, be clear at a glance. 6. The support advertising: homepage split screen Settings, video and picture form advertising, advertising management platform support unification remote management, also can provide light boxes advertising and advertisements on a screen saver; 7. Efficiency compared to the issue of a bill drawn efficiency: artificial collect the tickets to improve a lot, such as self-service machine is independent research and development of production of cinema industry in the first paragraph of double with built-in printer self-service terminals, can speed the drawer; 8. Remote service: the support equipment running state remote monitoring, remote service and update equipment system environment. 'The big fish haitang' world view is: when the human was born from this side of the sea, experience life across the sea, reached the shore of the sea when he died. Only remember in my life this magnificent beauty, love will really live in the world. 'The sea' metaphor is the belief of our heart, find your faith, you will see the beauty of the life. Do you want to understand the meaning of 'big Chinese flowering crabapple'? With cinema tickets to watch the self-service machine, fast film conveyed the profound meaning! How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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