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Hongzhou thermal information kiosk machine manufacturer in airport

Hongzhou thermal information kiosk machine manufacturer in airport

Hongzhou thermal information kiosk machine manufacturer in airport
  • Hongzhou thermal information kiosk machine manufacturer in airport
  • Hongzhou thermal information kiosk machine manufacturer in airport

Hongzhou thermal information kiosk machine manufacturer in airport

Hongzhou information kiosk machine is exclusively designed to accommodate any shaft deflections and shaft movement. The designers strive to handle the out-of-perpendicular alignment problem. The product can withstand heavy inertial forces
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Multi function A4 printer bar-code card reader kiosk in government

Self Service A4 printing Kiosk have become a frequent fixture in many of our lives in recent years. The devices work autonomously and do not require often maintenance. They can be placed at educational institutions, student campuses, cafes, libraries, supermarkets, book and grocery stores, petrol stations and in sub way,these devices come in lots of shapes and sizes. The devices provide customers a convenient alternative to the full-service counter.

Hongzhou thermal information kiosk machine manufacturer in airport-1

◆ Unique design, novel shape, elegant and generous looking;

◆ Made of high-quality sheet metal, powder coated, wear resistant, anti corrosion;

◆ Compliant with ergonomic, easy to operate;

◆ Modular & compact structure, convenient for maintenance;

◆ Anti-vandalism, water proof, dust proof, high safety performance;

◆ All steel structure, stable and durable, long service life;

◆ High accuracy, high stability and reliability;

◆ Cost-effective, customized design, strong environmental adaptability;

Basic Configuration

PC: Industrial computer, Common PC

Monitor: 15", 17", 19" or above SAW/Capacitive/Infrared/Resistance touch screen

Touch Screen: Infrared,Capacitive

A4 Laser Printer

Power Supply

Speakers: Multimedia speakers; Left and right bi-channel; Amplified output

OS Software: Microsoft Windows or Android

Enclosure: Smart design, elegant looking; Anti-vandalism, water proof, dust pro, Static free;Color and logo printing upon request

Application sectors: Hotel, Shopping mall, Cinema, Bank, School, Library, Airport, Railway station,Hospital etc.

Other optional upon requests

1.RFID Card Reader
2.Cash Dispenser
3.Coin Hopper    
4.ID Card Reader 
5.Mental Keyboard
6.Bank Card Reader

7.Encrypted Pinpad

8. Motion Sensor
9. WIFI Module
10. 4G Module
11. Fingerprint Reader
12. Bill Acceptor
13. Barcode Scanner

14. Web Camera

The benefits of self-service A4 printing kiosks

Self-service A4 printing kiosk benefits are numerous. Depending on the sector in which they are utilized, these could include:

• Less human staff being required to serve customers/passengers, resulting in resources savings for the business
• Staff free for personalized/enhanced customer service
• Less queuing or reducing waiting times for customers/passengers, which also helps reduce stress for any remaining counter staff
• More people served in a shorter space of time, increasing efficiency and related profits
• Providing an adaptable and evolving solution, as the technology used can be upgraded without needing to replace the whole kiosk, in many cases
• Offering multiple features and functions; the same kiosk can offer information as well as take payments, print tickets and generate more revenue through up-sells and advertising
• The devices can often be adjustable, which is great for ergonomics, accessibility and means they can be moved when required to meet the needs of your business

Why Choose Hongzhou Smart?

• Affordable prices and high quality

• 7x24hours running; Save labor cost & employee time of your organization

• User-friendly; easy to maintenance

• High stability & reliability

Hongzhou information kiosk machine will go through the rough machining process such as material cutting, as well as the finish machining process such as polishing or plating. The product has the advantage of wear resistance
Hongzhou information kiosk machine has been tested. It has achieved a BS 5234-2: 1992 severe duty rating which is conducted by an accredited laboratory. The internal structure of the product compensates for shaft deflections and housing distortions caused by the heavy loads
After the Hongzhou point of information kiosk is finished, it will go through a trial test to check its water treating capacity from different perspectives including physical, chemical, or biological perspectives to test contamination handling levels. The product has excellent weathering ability thanks to the steel
Hongzhou point of information kiosk has been tested by third-party testing organizations. It has been checked in terms of miter edge lamination, polish, flatness, hardness, and straightness. The product requires easy maintenance, saving a lot of manual labor
Strict quality tests on Hongzhou information kiosk machine are required by the QC team. Its power source, electrical integrated system, electrical load, and current leakage have passed stipulated testing. It can withstand the combined loads of both radial and thrust
We organized a quality circle to detect and solve any quality problems in the production process, effectively ensuring the quality of products. The roller and thrust bearing are separable, making it easy to conduct maintenance and inspection
We always pay attention to the industry quality standards and the quality of our products is guaranteed.
The product has passed a number of quality standards testing and has been certified in various aspects, such as performance, service life and so on. The product can withstand heavy inertial forces
The goods won't be shipped without an improvement in quality. The product can withstand heavy inertial forces
The quality guarantee of this product can stand all kinds of strict inspection.
This product is noted for its high quality and reliability. It, processed by lubricant technology, features improved bearing performance
The product caters to the market requirements and is going to be more widely used in the market. It can show its good mechanical properties even at a high temperature
This product has considerable practical and commercial value.
With excellent economic returns, this product is considered to be the most promising product on the market. With a compact radial structure, it has a strong bearing capacity
The product has got much positive feedback from our clients. The high-quality roller bearing can help the product achieve high thrust capacity
This product is widely used in the global market due to its superiority. With a compact radial structure, it has a strong bearing capacity
The product has been widely recognized by customers and adopted by more and more people. With a compact radial structure, it has a strong bearing capacity
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