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Hotel check-in and check-out self-service check-in machine?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
Hotel buffet into the relative in many hotels are no machine, all in the process of operation, nature is not very familiar with, to avoid a lot of friends don't know how to use self-service check-in hotel check in and check out process, self-service terminals manufacturers information today to explain to you. Hotel buffet at check-in process: 1, flicking code first of all we need to conduct code, keep the cell phone to connect with the hotel buffet at machine, usually there will be a corresponding qr code on the hotel buffet. 2, select to choose the room after room, customers can choose their favorite room, on the self-service terminals can see prices and photos of the room and so on. 3, certificate scan place we checked the documents to the hotel self-help terminal certificates induction area, was scanned documents. This step is equivalent to us to check in, to give id card to the front desk, and here just to give to the front desk this step changed in the induction machine area. 4, brush the face behind the confirmation is to brush a face, we only need to aim at the hotel the self-service machine camera, face recognition, to ensure that the documents and the holder is the same person. 5, payment after completing the above steps will only need to pay the corresponding to the price of the room on the mobile end, can be out of the machine of bayonet got the corresponding room card. Hotel buffet machine check-out process: 1, 2, insert the room card point to repel room clearing check-out procedure is relatively simple, only need a simple two step, can complete check-out, very convenient, fast. Hotel buffet at machine, is not only improve the quality of the hotel's services, but also to the user friendly experience, enhance the competitive strength of the hotel. For the hotel, it is fully staffed. Hotel buffet at machine order please call to know: how much money a self-service terminal machines in?
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