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Hotel self-help terminal how to operate?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
In the reign of the era of the self-service in all walks of life have introduce self-service terminals. Today, the city hotels also keep up with the trend of the self service service, actively introduce the self-service terminal equipment to improve the hotel management. Hotel kiosks, it is a kind of unattended, simple operation, friendly interface of human-computer interaction equipment. The user can through kiosks self-service check in hotel, check out, check out. To increase customer efficiency, save the customer time to time, save operating costs and improve the hotel service quality. Its service integrity, visibility, systematization and maintainability, is an effective guarantee for the hotel automation processing business. The following will have a look at the hotel together with the information you kiosks concrete operation process. First step, the self-service terminal equipment, often embedded qr code scanning module, can realize self-help sweep code to pay, so you can advance ready to mobile phone mobile payment tool. The second step, on the hotel kiosks to fill out a detailed personal information, including personal identity information and expected in days. The third step, after registration of the personal information entered pay link, now more advanced hotel kiosks, products usually embedded qr code scanning module, can and WeChat alipay seamless docking, and able to meet the needs of a variety of payment. The fourth step, in the completion of payment, can obtain corresponding room card, you can comfortably hotel! 。 Above is the general hotel kiosks operation process. Finally, I wish you all a pleasant journey information, all can enjoy the satisfaction of hotel service experience.
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