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How no one restaurant?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Has for several years, no one restaurant in all treated no one views differ, some feel that no one restaurant is just a gimmick, some think that there is no restaurant is just a concept, some think that there is no restaurant is impossible to have a long-term future. All sorts of views are different, so we should be how to think of no one restaurant? First wisely to realize no one restaurant is already has the technology combined with food and beverage industry products, landing may have technically is not so perfect, but no one has been achieved. Now no one restaurant some use robot + machine arm and self service order into the high cost of unmanned system, such as ali, haidilao. Also have on market is more suitable for the public's no restaurant, such as there is this kind of restaurant. The unmanned restaurant mainly adopts the intelligent entrance guard system control into the door, then you can sweep through facial recognition screen or code verified identity information in the door. Store is through the self service order machine self service order, also can have the function of bill together. Order has been completed, can check my schedule, and through your turn screen after completion of the dishes, can be smart take sideboards take meal. After the completion of the meal, you can go out, as long as it is in the store certification customers, later can directly face recognition in the door. They have no restaurants now have already fall to the ground began to be used in mass, the current market reaction was good. As for its future development, can only be said to be better, because it can give consumers of this market to provide a better choice.
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