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How to implement the self-help to sell the tickets and how to use the self-service terminal registration fee

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
With the development of the society, the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people are more concerned about the pursuit of healthy living quality, so the usual holidays when most people will choose to go out to travel to relax. Due to the increase of traffic, especially the holiday traffic, bring serious test to scenic spot ticket management, information release a scenic self-help to sell the tickets and collect the tickets terminal can be convenient to buy tickets. Scenic spot self-help receive tickets sale terminal function characteristics: 1, self-help to sell the tickets support: string yards, brush mobile phone qr code, the second generation id card collect the tickets. Support the cash, WeChat alipay, unionpay card ticket. 2, ticket in support: one-dimensional qr code, IC card, card, the second generation id card, alipay WeChat sweep, flash card, mobile phone, 'brush face' ticket in 3, e-commerce platform subsystem mainly includes: WeChat ticket, electronic ticket distribution, ticket online, online electronic payment and collect the tickets message authentication code, the self-service collect the tickets, tickets online query statistics. More than 4 main unified management, report query statistics subsystem subsystem involves various reports and financial settlement, analysis report, support custom reports; Patients with traditional Chinese medicine hospital was officially opened self-service terminals, make an appointment, on the day of registration, outpatient expenses query, outpatient payment etc are available online, revoke the waiting in line for a long period of time, further optimize the process, provides convenience for patients. 0 1 login first need to choose a suitable way, our hospital for medical treatment, for the convenience of the masses of patients self-help machine login offers a variety of ways: personal id login, hospital clinic card login, residential health card login and login way of social security card. 0 2 after the login can be according to the patients needed to choose the appropriate services, including: on the day of registration, if the patient is not convenient to go to a doctor that day still can make an appointment, at the same time it can realize the clinic self-help pay cost, query outpatient payment information and payment information, and other services in hospital. 0 3 if patients self-help registered, then the next step can choose their own departments need to see a doctor, just click the can, very convenient. Our leading examining the nurse will, of course, according to a detailed the triage of patients, and to operate carefully, patience, to guide the clinic patients. 0 4 can now choose the kind of registered patients and for confirmation. 0 5 and then to the payment link, provides self-service machine in our payment methods are: bank card payment, WeChat pay, pay treasure to pay a variety of payment methods, greatly facilitates the examination of the patient. According to the patient himself selected payment method to complete the payment of registration is completed, the patient can be according to their own specific situation to arrange time to see a doctor. Self-service platform, provides a convenient for the general patients intelligent mobile medical service, improve the efficiency of outpatient service medical treatment, shorten the patients in the hospital waiting time, discharge the suffering of traveling line up to the patient, reduce congestion in the hospital, improve the patient's medical treatment experience. Shenzhen information technology co. , LTD. Is a self-service terminal design and manufacturers, is also a walk in the forefront of self-service terminal reform company of globalization. For our customers in more than 30 countries around the world to design and develop a wide range of high quality self-service terminal solution, promoted the self-service terminal applications in different industries. As a self-service terminal designer and manufacturer, based on the spirit of excellence to design the self-service terminals. We have many years in the industry of self-service terminals for the global customer service experience. From the start of the design, production and service areas responsible for follow-up.
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