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How to take out online ticket purchases at the cinema self-service ticket machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
Now, those of us who often go to the cinema may know that there are always several devices in the lobby of the cinema. Many people buy movie tickets on this. This device is now a must-have device for movie theaters. Cinema self-service ticket vending machines. The appearance of this device has changed. Because of the fact that many movie fans need to wait in line at the manual ticket office to buy tickets, it is very convenient for movie fans to quickly buy the movie tickets they need on this device. Figure: Cinema self-service ticket vending machine The ticket sales function of the cinema self-service ticket vending machine may have a simple understanding, and we also know that this ticketing function brings a lot of convenience to those who need to buy movie tickets, but many people may think that movie theaters buy tickets Some are expensive. Everyone likes to buy movie tickets online. What should I do? It’s actually very simple. When we buy a movie ticket in a group, the group buying website will send a verification code to our mobile phone, choose to pick up the ticket on the device, and enter the verification code to see the movie ticket you bought, click to print We can get the tickets we need. How is it now that you know if you use the cinema self-service ticket vending machine to pick up the movie tickets you bought online? Is it very convenient?
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