If you don't want to use a Chou Chou ID card, please use the ID card self-service terminal!

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
In recent years, with the popularization of ID cards, ID cards have been used in various occasions. Interviews, visitor registration, self-service payment, security checks, etc. require the presentation of ID cards. You are still willing to let your ugly ID face to face Everyone? Now it's good, with the ID card self-service terminal, take pictures of Meimei's ID! Picture: ID card self-service terminal machine The household registration room of a police station in a certain place has introduced the 'ID card self-service terminal machine'. When applying for an ID card, you no longer need to line up at a manual window. You can apply for an ID card on this device. When you sit in a self-service terminal device, and then just follow the prompts to enter personal information, take a photo, record your fingerprints, and pay money, the information collection can be completed within a few minutes. The whole process takes the form of self-service, and the photos can be retaken if they are not satisfied. This not only improves the efficiency but also enhances the'face value'! In short, ID card self-service terminals greatly simplify the procedures for the masses and are very convenient. Not only has it eased the pressure on the police, but also fundamentally solved the problems of the masses filling in forms, queuing for certificates, difficulty in paying fees, and taking long time to obtain evidence!
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