Improve the efficiency of customer order self-help order machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
With the further use of the mobile Internet technology, mobile payment and wisdom to change order, etc are bring the service mode of the restaurant industry more and more changes. In the catering industry, have so a machine - — Self-help order machine, in order before the order, and mobile phone to complete the payment, then order to output a document according to order details and price, at the same time, the businessman after hutch will be synchronized to print with the menu, just sit back and wait for serving customers. The whole process is fast, simple, reducing the service personnel as busy and lead to the problem of low order to reduce the waiters waiting for customers to choose the meal time, let the waiter to spend more time in the service, efficiency DiGaoDian meals out of food. Order and self-service machine has these functions (in the restaurant 1) 。 Can effectively reduce the cost of store in response to the rise in the number of meals store, on the premise of guarantee the quality of services, increase the number of service staff is almost there's no choice, by leading independent customers ordering and billing to alleviate the pressure of human order, reduce unnecessary human expenditure. ( 2) Better dining experience for customers in the periods of peak dining, point the wrong single, single is almost a daily occurrence, such as leakage, in addition customers finished eating in traditional order mode must also to the cashier checkout, may also need to line up. Self-help pay order to make the customer independently from line trouble, reduce peak dining queue length. ( 3) Merchant background set up businesses in the food and beverage management system background Settings for each sample of the specifications of the dishes, dishes of background setting, choose according to inventory quantity is estimated. Is clear of food will not appear in the order page, avoid the embarrassment of customer after order cannot be served. ( 4) Data analysis and order system can statistical food sales ranking, turnover, and order way, customer preferences, member statistics and analysis of data analysis, etc. Restaurant owners, headquarters of the chain can be according to the data analysis, understanding of the real requirements of customers. To the restaurant, brand do corresponding adjustments. Self-help order is through the traditional waiter order link, instead they completed by the customer, alleviate the waiter ( The cashier) On the pressure, the time, in customer service aspects, such as meal so as to improve the work efficiency of in-store existing waiter, equivalent to decrease the amount needed to hire clerk.
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