Improving the quality of the scenic spot service? The scenic spot self-service ticket machine into a choice!

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
As the holiday approaches, most people choose in the holiday, such as the May Day, 11 to go out to play, this is also a relaxation of her body and soul. A lot of people but for the time to travel, to buy tickets to the scenic spot has also become a problem that cannot be ignored. Crowded, therefore the scenic spot in order to solve the queuing personnel will use scenic spot self-service ticket machine to increase the speed of the ticket. Visitors can independent book the tickets online, with id card to collect the tickets machine after collect the tickets to enter the scenic area. Scenic tourist attractions in the ticket office can install set computer technology, network technology, communication technology, intelligent automation technology in the integration of the human-computer interaction equipment - The scenic spot self-service ticket machine. Scenic spot self-service ticket machine without someone unattended, it is easy to operate, is an innovation for traditional artificial ticketing tourism, is to let a starting point of the tourism industry automation. Self-service ticket machine through the prompt on the screen of scenic spots, tourists can be independent to buy tickets, greatly reduce the workload of the conductor, but also reduce the tourists in the peak season time waiting in line to buy tickets. For tourist attractions, the use of the scenic spot self-service ticket machine can not only improve their service quality, save operating cost, also can give visitors a higher degree of experience and pleasure. Scenic spot the emergence of the self-service ticket machine not only relieves the problem of cluster to buy tickets, also improved the ticket schedule, visitors only need to enter the relevant information, the scenic area the self-service ticket machine will automatically complete hint, the drawer, and other functions. The self-service ticket machine also support the cash and bank card two kinds of means to get tickets, tourists to buy tickets, normally less than a minute, can easily get tickets in scenic area. The biggest bright spot is the tickets to the Internet, visitors on the Internet just tickets self-help to sell the tickets to the scenic spot on the ticket. Scenic self-service ticket machine system controlled by microcomputer, set up the flexible, high stability, read and print the ticket with qr code scanning, id, bank card payment, password, keyboard and other functions. With the scenic spot of the self-service ticket machine in place, effectively shortens the time of tourists waiting in line to implement the standardization scenic spot tickets from ordering to the breakthrough of personalized custom, greatly improved the quality of service of the scenic spot. Through the above introduction we can see that the self-service ticket machine and artificial ticketing, by contrast, saves a lot of tourists, convenient for passengers, is very popular with tourists, has been widely used in the scenic spot ticket. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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