In the corner, the station buffet ticket sales and taking home for you to open the newsletter

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Bells home signal, at the end of the year will come, we China's annual Chinese year is coming, everybody is ready to go home with joy, and often think about the problem for tickets, is a headache thing, especially for us of the migrant workers, they are a lot of people will not be online ticket, can only choose to go to the station to buy tickets, but the station again many, often want to row a long team, this, self-help sell the ticket machine at the station, much progress has been, power belongs to the family. Self-service sale ticket machine is adopted the 'Internet +' pattern, built-in the qr code scanner sweep in the code window, is a blend of bar code automatic identification technology and expand sweep pay function module code. Ticketing process is quite simple, passengers can choose online ticket or to the buffet to sell the tickets on self-service ticketing. In self-service machine tickets only according to the operation of the screen prompted to select a good date, destination, divisions, and payment. If you use pay treasure or WeChat pay as soon as sweeps the mobile payment code in the code window brush is advisable. Through online ticketing is more simple, direct will sweep electronic document of qr code in the code window a brush. Of course, want to enjoy although students, we should take certificates or child ticket to the ticket window. As you can see, in this O2O mode can reduce the number of passengers buy tickets at the station queuing time, especially in the holidays, more obvious advantage, bringing great travel passengers to buy tickets. Information produced by the station kiosks support payment terms are: unionpay card to pay, pay treasure to pay, WeChat pay, such as ways there are to collect the tickets: qr code collect the tickets, verification code, phone number, the membership card collect the tickets, etc. Several ways to collect the tickets, support the station card prepaid phone functions; In the headquarters unified management all the self-service machine, at the same time, in the background to monitor equipment usage, can automatically switch machine; Support normal when the power is to sell the tickets; Ticket printing, print certificate etc. Function. Details please contact details: on a self-service terminal machines how many money?
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