In the era of intelligent technology, self-help order machine how science and technology?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
They have cloud: 'saying' claims, the Chinese for the word 'eat' is fully research. With the rapid development of intelligent technology, people to 'how to eat' 'how to eat more demanding,' at this point, 'self-help order machine' has entered people's field of vision. The steps of time soon, people's demand grows, food industry can only be eliminated by the market, if can't keep up with process within the biosphere 'evolution' is embodied in all aspects of life, the essence of technology was originally to convenient people's life, the birth of self service order machine is a perfect combination of science and food and beverage, is the scientific and technological innovation in the catering sector. order machine is how to reflect different sense of science and technology? 1, convenient self-service order, save time and increase the rate of turn table in previous peak dining, order line is a very unpleasantness, each minute when hungry so difficult, and the waiting time is unknown, the hard to avoid lets a person interested in a sudden fall, self-help order machine made up for the vacancy, customer order only himself in the machine screen choose their favorite food, after the point of using WeChat/pay treasure payment, the whole process greatly saves the time of the customer line order. Avoid consumers and businesses is a waste of time, speed up the kitchen after catering, reduce customer retention time in the table, effectively improve the rate of turn table. 2, support, there is no one to touch advertising model: no one touch screen, order the opportunity to play store food characteristics, promote the information such as brand, discount, can greatly improve the efficiency of the front desk business. Data view analysis, the owner may at any time to check the restaurant owners of business data available in the app or PC background check stores operating data, upgrade the restaurant service, and analyzes the consumption of user data, you can find more opportunities for improving the user consumption experience. order machine highlight outstanding, but times are still being developed, the process of it whether can lead, let's hope! The advent of the era of intelligence is convenient for all aspects of people, self service highlight outstanding order machine, not only for customers to build a high efficiency, good dining experience, but also help businesses improve turned Taiwan rate, reduce the human cost of restaurant operations.
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