Introduction to the basic function of the self-service ticket machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Self-service ticket machine once appear, were warmly welcomed by people. Either the railway station, scenic spots or museums, it has appeared in a cinema, it helps people more quickly to get the ticket, saves time standing in line to buy tickets. Here are the self-service ticket machine under the information technology to introduce the basic functions. First, can be through a variety of payment for the ticket, whether use the unionpay card, alipay or through WeChat pay is ok. Second, collect the tickets way also has a lot of kinds, such as using qr code, verification code, phone number or membership card can be easily get tickets. Third, if the self-service ticket machine is the cinema, but also can provide people with cinema special membership card prepaid phone service. Fourth, the purchase of the self-service ticket machine enterprise can also for unified management background, can also through the use of background monitoring to each machine, if a fault occurs, can know the first time, and timely maintenance of processing, very convenient. Fifth, self-service ticket machine can very quick print tickets for the cinema and transaction slip and than artificial ticket to save a lot of time. Sixth, to unionpay card and id can be read easily, without any pressure. Seventh, self-service ticket machine use, only need to sweep the qr code, can be automatically generated mobile verification code, then can confirm the payment. Eighth, if is to pay treasure to pay, can be read by the sound of ticket buyers confirm payment transactions. Ninth, self-service ticket machine can pass the background for the operation of the switch machine. In general, the use of self-service ticket machine is very convenient, is not only for enterprise to buy it, or use it for consumers, provides great convenience for them. To make enterprise management through the background, let people save the queue time, advantage is very obvious. If for kiosks and other questions, welcome consulting information technology.
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