Kiosks, help mankind a better life!

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
China as a major power of the world's population, the population is very terror, overpopulation means too few resources, go have a lot of people, such as buying tickets, that is very horrible, when in self-service terminals and network has not yet formed before purchasing tickets, one to the station, is people mountain people sea, slightly do not pay attention to, and people wandering around, this line, but often can see in China, but with the emergence of self-service terminal, the situation has improved, today, will come to tell you about the 'feat' kiosks. Terminal 1, government affairs, help to improve efficiency for e-government related businesses is a lot of people have a headache problem, because the government less relevant business window, a place is a, and deal with people, this leads to a problem, that is progress very slow, just like we obtain business licenses, often need to queue, waiting for a long time, and civil servants are tired, when business license for the printer, self-help for printing business license becomes convenient, let us wait time greatly shorten. Moreover kiosks, such as the frontier inspection station, when we pass in and out border, process more slow speed has always been the characteristics of the border, and since there is self-service terminal after the frontier inspection station, the overall efficiency is raised, in and out of the border has a good experience. 2, medical terminal, help a doctor is no longer 'wasting time' the hospital is a place where everyone don't want to go, but when the seasons change, often sick people will be very much, overcrowded situation, thus led to the hospital every time register early to line up, have more very person to the hospital at 7 am, turns out to be lined up, just think of all terror, and since the medical kiosks, the speed of the program to improve a lot, registered without queuing, capture expends don't line up, worry a lot, for we saved a lot of time as a whole. Terminal 3, cinema, scenic spot, and help the entertainment is no longer 'vexed' watching a movie and go to visit the scenic spot has become the present many way to relax, to entertainment mood originally, have the result in the mood to kill half, make the mood more bad, is very annoyed, but with terminal and scenic spot terminal after the movie theater, the overall experience to enhance a lot. Terminal 4, hotel, hotel 'privacy' to help customers check in hotel, front desk check in at the hotel have been a lot of joke, such as before to see a video entertainment, a man called 'Jiang Yingyu', go to the front desk check in, the staff asked his name, he replied 'Jiang Yingyu', the results at the front desk is 'English' with him, although said that this is just a joke, but in real life, hard to avoid can have so the names of some more strange, don't want to because these circumstances the opportunity for comedy but a hotel terminal, also had to avoid these problems, moreover is their operation, the speed is very fast, don't have to wait for, also need not through someone else's hands, the in the mind to be comfortable. And, of course, in our life there are many, many because kiosks and improve the situation, such as bank, restaurant, diy camera, etc. , in many cases after a kiosks, has the very big change, the user experience better, merchants also saves a lot of work, also can improve on the service, so as to improve the service quality. Kiosks, help human life more beautiful! How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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