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Look smart take cupboard is how to effectively solve the problem of food and beverage distribution?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
Fast food distribution is the most key link take-out industry, as well as distribution member companies and the most headache link? Why do you say that? Because in the food industry, because of the effective concentration of the hotel, the unreasonable application of the inherent cause resources, further lead to products did not reach the customers in a timely manner, coupled with the heat preservation effect not ready, sent to the hands of customers food will be cold. Intelligence in the emergence of the sideboard can solve the problem of inherent take-out industry, it can realize intelligent insulation, heating, disinfection and other functions, placed in the densely populated of the different points. Businesses need to self-developed online order small program, customers into small program interface can be scheduled order, order, and then generates take food. Merchants, after receiving the order to the customer order products uniformly made with a good meal, and then by the shipping agent will deliver products batch to take food ark, customers to use take meal sweep the yard take meal. For vendors, customers, distribution agent what benefits? For businesses, it can achieve high efficiency of peak production, not the order of time accumulation in rice, cause crowded time service, improve profitability; For customers, products must more free and save time, and got the products will not cold; For room part, it can have rich time to delivery, reduce accidents happen. Intelligence in the emergence of the sideboard, businesses can effectively to shunt of dining time customers resources, shorten the meal time pressure on both sides, each other also reducing the pressure on the distribution of distribution member, demand for three parties in the meal time for effective integration, solve the unreasonable order, distribution, waiting for a long time.
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