Medical self-service payment machine makes payment a convenient

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
Seeing a doctor is a cumbersome task, especially when you go to a large hospital, you often need to go through many steps. The procedures of registration, medical treatment, payment, and report printing were not handled in one place before, and there are often a lot of people waiting. For a long time, but now, don’t worry. With the medical self-service payment machine, payment is more convenient. Picture: Medical self-service payment machine The medical self-service payment machine solves the problems of long payment time, the imbalance between patients and doctors, and the wrong number of payments in traditional payment. Therefore, the payment on the medical self-service payment machine is operated by the patient and family members. The various information displayed above is clear at a glance. The payer can inquire about the corresponding fee before paying the fee. In addition, the payment can also be directly paid online using WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay cards, and even ID cards and medical insurance cards. Is it very convenient? What? The medical self-service payment machine can not only pay fees. If it is embedded in other software and connected to other systems in the hospital, it can also realize self-service registration of medical treatment, printing of medical reports, etc., so that most medical services can be self-service and bring to patients Better medical services.
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