Merchants operating magic weapon to win - Affiliate marketing function

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
For our consumers, the membership card is not strange, but the merchants of different application of affiliate marketing is different, some businessmen for membership marketing dispensable, some are flawed. But the author thinks that businesses use affiliate marketing functions are necessary, because once members make up, turnover, customers are not problems. Below the author give you specific said go ahead ~ to self-service checkout system, as the promotion of member function module, don't need the traditional printing card, simply enter a phone number can query to the membership information, at the time of settlement for members integral, enjoy discount level and so on. And different membership grades, to get the member discount is different, it's like 'upgrade' in general, not only increased the customer viscosity, loyalty, and increase of the turnover of the store. The use of electronic members, not only can keep the old customers, also have a certain appeal to new customers, shops can according to their own market environment to develop different membership benefits plan, preferential policies. In addition to the use of the membership card, members can also match the sale of goods, goods have exclusive members price, there will be a benefit, it also drew attention to the card the generation of new customers. Members self-service checkout system module function support payments deposited function, namely the customer can use the card in the self service pay the cash register, and the amount deposited can offer certain preferential prepaid phone or gift to send, but the pre-existing production can increase store available funds, improve turnover. Self-service checkout system not only provides the function of member management, and has function of data analysis, for member's behavior such as consumption, shopping preferences and so on can be for data statistics, and make business corresponding analysis, take the corresponding management, promotion strategy according to the operating conditions. Implement membership service comprehensive information management, effective control of all the members resources, through the existing customers and bring more consumers, exert its marginal effect, using the phone number is not only the member card number, and have independent public, member login or attention to realize real-time online communication seamless docking after sales opportunity comes from good and convenient communication!
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