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New journey yu future | industrial 'lean production' management change pledging conference was held

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
On March 1, 2017 in the afternoon, dongguan city industrial co. , LTD. 'lean production' management change pledging conference was held. Industrial general manager Mr Luo Gongxiao, a guest Goldman sachs enterprise management consulting co. , LTD in guangdong, President, chief consultant in hk - teacher Luo Zhengxiao project director, project manager Wang Zhongjun teacher, senior consultant Li Junchao teacher, customer representative, representatives of suppliers and friends all over the world, industrial high-level leaders and all staff jointly attended the event. In order to ensure the management changes smoothly, the general manager since its establishment, says Mr Luo Gongxiao made remarkable brilliant achievements, and to have an independent technology research and development centers, for accumulated deep industry experience and talent resources. But, at the same time of rapid development, has gradually revealed some management problems, lead to internal management out of control, causing serious waste in the process of production, low production efficiency, high cost and so on, has become the bottleneck which restrict the development of the enterprise in the future. So, departments and units must actively cooperate with Goldman sachs, teachers must be sure to overcome all difficulties and finish the task management change, for the future development, to lay a good foundation. Enterprise development, of course, cannot leave every employee's hard to pay, the company good development, also is bound to improve employee welfare and provide a good development space for the employees. Luo Gongxiao general manager Goldman sachs chief consultant ding hk - teacher particularly emphasizes the significance of changes in the general assembly, the way to change, and change after the success will reach the goals. The teacher motivate staff first change self thought, work, as long as the results, more don't if don't results. ROM total appointment certificate history never wait for project team members all hesitation, watchers, lax, weaklings. Only keep moving forward, can win the bright future. Opportunities for all staff, will grasp in own hand, interests belongs to everyone, all the people believe that as long as there is enough determination, tomorrow, will be more brilliant! The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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