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New restaurant equipment, 'smart + thermal insulation' take the cupboard!

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
I wonder if you have experienced such a situation, every meal point whether school canteen or major enterprises and institutions of the dining room will appear these scenes: the flock to the dining room dozen rice; Large dining room seat is limited, need lunch line; If the canteen payment type single, settlement trival, more people stranded. 。 。 Not only that, in line after a long and tedious to pay after the meal is cool! For traditional canteen management shortcomings and problems, the restaurant solutions through self service order machine, ordering system and station to station, the combination of intelligent heat preservation tank, implementation and cashier, no room such as a new mode of catering, the perfect solved the enterprise unit canteens, college dining room, dining during peak hours queuing congestion. Today the author is to introduce the equipment - no one restaurant - Intelligent heat preservation tank specific role in the canteen. Ark is a smart take eat with Internet + smart hardware as the carrier of the hardware platform, front-end hardware and software, with the restaurant kitchen with a perfect fusion of online system after diner in advance on the mobile phone APP, WeChat payment order ahead of time, the system automatically send text message to the user, the incoming data sideboard, customers with meal number ( Qr code) In the smart take meal ark take meal. Then why do we call it smart 'heat preservation tank? Reason is that intelligent heat preservation tank with heat insulation/preservation function, built-in heating system, constant temperature in the 40 - 60 degrees, and in a safe temperature range to ensure the food the same quality can not only guarantee the temperature of the food, and to maintain its freshness. Independent small cupboard will be stored apart each diner meal, to be both safe and health. So, we called smart sideboard. With smart heat preservation tank no longer queue crowded in the rush to the dining room repast can eat hot food, it will be for diner is the dining room.
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