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New retail self-service checkout, let the traditional retail industry usher in a new opportunity

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
In the past, the main difficulties facing traditional retail on the one hand is the rising costs, make profits shrinking; Is from the electricity hit on the other hand, these two aspects make traditional retail industry to make more changes. The arrival of the new retail self-service register, to transformation and development of the retail industry is rare good opportunity. It makes traditional retailing in which have found a new opportunity. So it has what function? 1, improve customer experience of cashier, save labor costs. New retail self-service register customer self-service sweep commodity code, only pay treasure payment/WeChat can complete checkout, provide consumers with more convenient consumption checkout mode, freed from the cumbersome and often of artificial invoicing will line up trouble, to improve the user consumption experience, can new to attract more consumers. In addition, the diy cash register also help save manpower cost retail limited funding. Fundamentally solves the transition problem of the traditional retail business. 2, improve the function of merchants cashier data self-service register instead of the 'cashier + cash register model, not only for businesses, traditional cash register cashier simply record the money, did not analyze the data, more can't access the present mainstream mobile payment. The self-service register docking system. Detailed statistics, can let the income be clear at a glance. The boss from the background, the phone APP terminal real-time view statistics report, according to the customer's buying preferences, and adjust the management and marketing model. Under the momentum of the flourishing new retail, self-service lanes for convenient self-service model popular with the public. Can be said to be those of the traditional settlement of cashier, slow, poor experience, to retail transformation development.
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