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New retail self-service register a happy shopping

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
New retail is to take customer as the center, let the customer feel happy and always to visit shopping is the ultimate goal. Can do a lot of things to make customers feel 'happy' : quick buy may make a person happy,. So the new retail should not be misconstrued as' no retail, more should not just the blessings of the Internet and black technology and ignore the customer's real feelings. Self-service register can assign a new retail, is a more worthy of reference and promotion, in the form of self-service register can solve the problem of traditional business the high cost of choose and employ persons ( Can save 50% cashier personnel costs) , can make the customer can more convenient shopping and payment ( Flicking the goods can leave mobile payment) , also can let businesses improve the efficiency of management, Background more shop management, member management, sales statistics, etc. ) 。 In these ways, self service is suitable for all retailers to use the cash register, but can never said a self-service register is' no one shop '. Self-service register just to make business more cost savings, let customers more convenient and quick, it can be a part of the wisdom of stores, but is by no means all. New retail is not just a new technology, but also includes new services, new experiences, new retail customers shopping happily is the most reasonable explanation.
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