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New starting point of the restaurant, no one restaurant

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
In recent years, developments in the field of 'unmanned' is getting better and better, in addition to unmanned, unmanned factory, there is no one restaurant. The advanced technology and concept are in constant progress, slowly to the ground test. Today will have to chat, no one restaurant as a new starting point of the catering industry, no one know about the restaurant. At present, there is no restaurant is in shenzhen, shenzhen, and other first-tier cities fall to the ground. As a new mode, new starting point of the catering industry, no one restaurant is also adopted a lot of intelligent products, strive to achieve a higher quality service. No one restaurant at present mainly adopts the intelligent entrance guard system, face recognition, station to station display screen, screen, self service order machine intelligent take cupboard and so on science and technology products to complete customer order checkout and take food, ensure the smooth progress of the whole process of dining. No one restaurant, for customer more like a whole new experience. Try a sense of science and technology products to replace the manual, this is different from traditional food industry one of the biggest point. And businessmen are willing to accept no one restaurant, want to see the public to accept the new catering mode. Merchants can also hope that with the existing combination of catering, reduce the high cost of artificial operation. No restaurant, no one can predict the new catering mode in the future. But you need to have a clear along with the development of technology, artificial is certainly will be replaced by a machine, just depends on the time problem, technology of intelligent questions. The emergence of technology, no restaurant is predicted progress direction of the food industry.
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