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No convenience store and the traditional convenience store

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
Now there are no two convenience stores and the traditional convenience store, although for now still the traditional convenience store occupy more market share compared, but there is no convenience store as a rising star is also the development of the good. Today we have no one to compare a convenience store and what is the difference between traditional convenience store mode? We mainly through the comparison of the main functions of the existing convenience stores, such as opening hours, operating costs, and so on. 1, operating costs, the contrast of both traditional convenience store or no convenience store will have certain operating costs, as businesses must consider is needed to complete the service and operating costs low. The cost of traditional convenience store source is primarily a convenience store itself shop rent, electricity, and the cost of the salesperson. The main cost of these costs is now traditional convenience store, is not to reduce costs. Convenience store and no one of the main cost is rent and electricity and the personnel of a loading, the cost is still relatively low compared to the existing traditional convenience store. 2, operation time difference between the traditional convenience store now operating time is generally during the day to night 12 o 'clock, of course, there are some convenience stores to open all day, but the cost will be high. Normal speaking, during the day to 12 o 'clock of operating time is longer. But no convenience stores in relatively open all day about 4 hours, the advantages of the traditional convenience store is very small. 3 service advantage, service advantages of traditional convenience store is someone see store, even if what also can solve in the shop. And the clerk can quickly adjust the store products, can quickly do a good job in publicity. And no convenience store service advantage lies in the whole technology, adopts the high new technology to help customers quickly complete checkout. Through the above comparative analysis, we for traditional convenience stores and convenience stores have a certain understanding. At the same time also know, there is no convenience store in some ways indeed superior to the traditional convenience store.
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