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No convenience store sales model

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Landing unmanned convenience store for a long time, everybody for unmanned convenience store experience is also very good. No convenience store the initial design is to realize no one open 24 hours a day, this is a development trend of the future must be a. Now there is no convenience store sales model is? Now no one of convenience store sales model mainly is to realize the business, but because of the existing technical restrictions, in addition to no one's business, can realize the entire process, self-service selling other goods, and the store of health care should be responsible for others. Even so, for this kind of existing unmanned convenience store model is also very convenient, the liberation of a need long-term resident. At the same time, now no convenience store can realize open 24 hours a day, including self service shopping service at night. Realized with the extension of service time of the night, at the same time for the store, the turnover. The sales mode of system consists of entrance guard system, self-help cash register system, 24-hour monitoring system. Can realize the scene is, customers scan code or facial recognition that take the door, the choose and buy goods, self-service register for the purchase and demagnetization. After the purchase, magnetic detection, notify the entrance guard system. The whole system is very convenient, the main process is simple, based on the existing face payment technology can achieve only face can complete the whole process, mobile phones can be without. Existing unmanned convenience store sales model is simpler, but it can meet the current demand for shopping. At the same time the system in the process of shopping is not too complicated, guarantees the real convenience, not because of red tape, makes shopping is not very convenient.
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