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No convenience store security?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Recently there are a lot of business consulting, the author, no convenience store security? About this problem, in a convenience store at the beginning of the design, it has been considered safety issues. Can clearly tell you that there is no convenience stores is that you can guarantee in normal transactions, for those who are not normal irregularities can be automatic alarm and submitted to the merchant. Next, the author with everybody to know about the convenience store. No convenience stores chose intelligent entrance guard system, screen face recognition, self-help, cash register, a few intelligent products, such as intelligent monitoring system to ensure that there is no convenience store's normal operation. Intelligent entrance guard system will face recognition and screen, can to each into the record store shopping information, can effectively avoid the problems in the operation process to find people. Inside, in the store can be configured to monitor system, convenience stores can be informed of what is the store. To prevent stolen goods, no convenience store of magnetic acoustic alarm with degaussing using the cash register. If once appear, the customer should not settle payment will go out, magnetic voice alarm automatically scans the magnetic stripe on the goods. If found not proceed to checkout demagnetization, magnetic voice alarm will automatically alarm. And the intelligent entrance guard system is not open, unless the acoustic sensor alarm contacts alarm to open. No convenience store no matter from the intelligent entrance guard system, monitoring system, magnetic alarm sound and a variety of practices have been considering the transaction security problems. Whether no convenience store anti theft problem, or trading problem, our designers have considered. So, there is no convenience store now is safe, can guarantee the normal operation.
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