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No one cashier shop Amazon self-service checkout arises at the historic moment under the Go

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
Amazon announced last month that it plans to open in the big apple city 'New York its unmanned cashier shop Amazon Go, continue to expand outside home to Seattle, but did not disclose the specific time. In fact in December 2016, amazon announced no one cashier store project. It USES a hybrid AI technology 'Just Walk Out', combining with computer vision technology, a variety of sensors, etc. , brings in the check-out queues from type barrier-free shopping experience. But in the long run the pure no one cashier weakening due to excessive pursuit of technology, artificial, exposed the disadvantages, difficult to spread. But high Labour costs, personnel fluidity big traditional convenience store and presence of humanization of technology needs. As a compromise, the unmanned cashier technology with artificial unattended new retail self-service convenience store cashier arises at the historic moment. New retail self-service checkout and unmanned convenience store cashier operation concept is becoming cashless era of consumption. Customers in order to pay to choose whether or not the member - — Sweep code commodity bar code - — Open the WeChat or pay treasure payment code - — Take goods slip check is complete. For the whole process simple and convenient operation, customer as the cashier role, a few minutes to pay to complete, so it reduces the long waiting time. And self-help cashier software can get the user data value, through the customer payment for goods sales ranking, turnover, and customer preferences, member statistics analysis data, can manage the goods, at the same time instant sales queries, reconciliations, data analysis, to the goods corresponding adjustment. Self-service checkout system for the traditional retail enterprise professional build new retail solutions, help enterprises to quickly build new retail platform, realize the online stores, member of the unified management, unified marketing.
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