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No one to break the traditional restaurant

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Traditional food industry is a comparison pay attention to the meal service model, artificial cost benefit is more humane, but in the face of the stream of time, the service does not reach the designated position, dining experience will be more bad. Science and technology for the traditional pattern of catering to launch unmanned restaurant, break traditional dining mode. The authors take you to learn about is how to break the traditional no restaurant? No one restaurant mainly is the use of the intelligent entrance guard system, face recognition, station to station display screen, screen, self-help order machine intelligent take cupboard and so on the many kinds of intelligent products of no one restaurant. Although retained after the kitchen staff, but in front of the service personnel. Compared to the traditional food and beverage industry, at least, reduce the operation cost of more than 20%. And no one restaurant more intelligent, can very good service for customers. No one restaurant need through the facial recognition screen before entering authentication, safety coefficient is higher. And in the door of self service meal machine can guarantee business profit, avoid again eat overlord meal. Your turn the use of the display screen can help customers to understand the progress of the dishes convenient alleviate the mood of customers waiting. Unmanned intelligent restaurant more embodies in the transmission of information, through the use of facial recognition screen technology, can help businesses to better manage customer loyalty points and coupons. order machine can help businesses do a good job in every bill, avoids the problem of account of trouble. No one restaurant has broken the traditional catering operation cost is high, account trouble, the problem of low security.
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